Autumn Arrives!

Autumn Flower Bouqet
Beautiful autumn flower bouqet

The temperature is starting to drop after a glorious summer. Autumn is now in full flow and I love this time of year with all the shades of red, gold, yellow and oranges that nature starts to unfold. I enjoy bringing those colours into my house with beautiful autumn flower bouquets that capture the season perfectly. This autumn bouquet is made with velvety celosia, fresh green trick dianthus, large fuego chrysanthemums, and vivid orange Chinese lanterns (physalis).  Customers tend to like this product around autumn with particular demand around the end of October. Most probably it's to make the house look special with flowers for Halloween parties they are hosting! But I also think this bouquet can be a nice surprise at this time of year simply to brighten someone's day. There’s still a fair way to go before Xmas so how about surprising your loved ones with this delightful bouquet. Available to order from my website.

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